Users discovered the complex Khilkevich

The figure of Anna Khilkevich becomes a cause for controversy.

In mid-August, the actress again became a mother. During pregnancy, she tried to limit herself in nutrition in order to be able to get back in shape after birth.

Despite this, there were users who criticized Anna’s figure, saying that she weighs almost 70 kilograms. Khilkevich was not able to restrain herself and told the offender that now she was 10 kilograms less and continues to work on herself.

It would seem that the question has been settled, but one of the last posts of Anna’s husband, Arthur, showed that the figure of the actress is still far from perfect. Many fans were surprised by Khilkevich’s stomach, which seemed to be talking about her third pregnancy. But if the question with the figure is explained by a long recovery after childbirth, the shoes on a very high platform were struck.

Users wondered what, then, is the real height of a girl if she wears such shoes. Hilkevich's husband even had to intervene, saying that he himself was very tall. But users agreed that growth for Anna is a sore subject, and the actress is complex.